Advanced Lingo for Games. With CD-ROM

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Gary Rosenzweig
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Advanced Lingo for Gomes teaches you to use advanced Lingo, the programming language behind Macromedia Director, by creating games. The bock features 21 games, plus variations, all with complete source code and descriptive text. The techniques you learn will also be useful in your non-game-0riented projects. Realworld Lingo expert and game developer Gary Rosenzweig presents you with this sought-after information for multiple purposes - use it to make games, use it to learn advanced Lingo, or use the source code and sample movies on the CD-ROM to quickly build your own versions of the games. You con use these games for your CD-ROM products or Shockwave Web sites. And most of these games can be modified for a wide variety of purposes - entertainment, education, or computer-based training.

As mentioned in the introduction, this book is not meant for absolute beginners. You should have a good understanding of how the Stage, Score, and Cast work together.

We share new games every week for you to use in the ESL classroom. Our focus is teaching English in a fun way and ... With Advanced Lingo for Games, the new book by Gary Rosenzweig, Lingo programmers can learn from an expert game developer who has created hundreds of games with Macromedia Up until now, Lingo programmers have had to figure it out themselves while Java and C programmers have had dozens of games books to choose from. Advanced Search Find a Library.