Linux 3D Graphics Programming. CD-ROM included

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Norman Lin
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The Linux operating system has experienced tremendous growth in recent years because of its open standards, stability, and low cost. The wide acceptance of Linux combined with the increasing availability of 3D hardware and 3D software for Linux have made 3D graphics programming under this operating system an exciting reality. Norman Lin's primary goal is to provide the reader, who is assumed to have little or no 3D graphics experience, with a well-rounded understanding of the fundamental theoretical and practical concepts involved in programming real-time 3D graphics applications using freely available tools under Linux. Topics include the X Window System, OpenGL/Mesa, 2D screen access and rasterization, hardware acceleration, and 3D vision and perception. Other chapters discuss mathematical formulas to specify and project 3D points onto 2D planes, storing transformations in matrices, and using 3D polygons to model individual 3D objects and worlds. A tutorial explains how to create 3D models using Blender, a 3D modeler included on the companion CD. Each chapter also includes complete, executable sample programs illustrating the concepts presented. The careful balance between theory and practice makes this book especially suitable for learning Linux 3D graphics programming. Look for Advanced Linux 3D Graphics Programming, the second volume in this two-volume work on interactive 3D graphics programming under Linux.

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