Excel for Chemists. A Comprehensive Guide, with CD-ROM, 2nd edition

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E-Joseph Billo
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Chemists across all subdisciplines use Excel to record data in tabular form, but few have learned to take full advantage of the scientific calculating power within this program. Excel is capable of helping chemists process, analyze, and present scientific data, from the relatively simple to the highly complex. Excel for Chemists, Second Edition has been revised and updated, not only to take into account the changes that were mode in Excel, but also to incorporate on abundance of new examples.Arranged in a user-friendly format, this book contains illustrations and examples of chemical applications, useful "How to" boxes outlining how to accomplish complex tasks in Excel, and step-by-step instructions for programming Excel to automate repetitive data-processing tasks. In addition, tips are provided to speed, simplify, and improve your use of Excel. Included is a CD-ROM, usable in either Macintosh or IBM / Windows environments with many helpful spreadsheet templates, macros, and other tools.Entirely new chapters contained in this Second Edition feature:Array formulas covered in depth in a separate chapter,along with a comprehensive review of using arrays in VBAHow to create a worksheet with controls, such as option buttons, check boxes, or a list boxAn extensive list of shortcut keys - over 250 for Macintosh or PC-is provided in the appendix.Whether as a text for students or as a reference for chemical professionals in industry, academia, or government, Excel for Chemists, Second Edition provides a valuable resource for using Excel to manage various chemical calculations.

Includes index. ISBN 978--470-38123-6 (pbk.) 1.

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