A Forest of Time : American Indian Ways of History

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Peter Nabokov
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A FOREST OF TIME introduces undergraduate and graduate students, Western and Indian history scholars and buffs, and general readers to the notion that American Indian societies transmitted and interpreted their own histories in their own ways for their own reasons. Through discussions of legends and oral histories, creation stories and folktales, it illustrates how various Indian peoples related and commented on their changing times. Drawing on his own research as well as recent scholarship from ethnohistory, anthropology, folklore and Indian studies, Dr. Nabokov offers dramatic examples of how the American Indian historical imagination has put rituals and material culture, landscape, prophecies, and the English language to the urgent service of keeping the past alive and relevant. This book also supplies useful references as it demands that we engage with alternative chronicles of America's multicultural past.

And in fact, looking for a strangely shaped tree isn't quite enough, since each tribe created slightly different markers. Because most people don't realize what these trees truly are, they are easily overlooked and can fall victim to ... The history of American Indians of North America The term American Indians is defined by the indigenous peoples of the area that is now known as the United States.

In this development they are followed by the hunter-gatherers of south America ... History >> Native Americans for Kids How did Native Americans get their food? Depending on the tribe and the area they lived in, Native Americans got their food by different methods including farming, hunting, fishing, and gathering. Most tribes used a combination of these four ways to get their food, but many specialized in one area such as farming or hunting.