Designing solutions to climate change

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Bettina Laville
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Proposing solutions for dealing with climate change has become a major issue for the future of our societies. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, due in large part to human activity, and lowering the vulnerability of our societies and ecosystems through anticipation, adaptation and resilience, is vital. The development of solutions to deal with climate change is an essential counterpart to the 2015 Paris Climate Conference (COP21), and this book provides answers to today's questions as well as thoughts on solutions for tomorrow contributed by some fifty scientists and well-known experts. Consisting of around forty essays, it offers a global vision of the problems linked to climate change, addressing developments in the behaviour of societies, the economic and institutional contexts, as well as technical and environmental issues. It provides an original perspective, drawing on the broad diversity of critical approaches that are necessary for the construction of innovative and smart solutions for the future of our Society.

Wave energy works in wondrous ways. "Designing Climate Change Solutions" Tuesday, September 14th, 2010. Chaos & Complex Systems Seminar.

Image: REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker 29 Aug 2018. Fred Krupp President, Environmental Defense Fund.