Moral Machines- Teaching Robots Right from Wrong

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Wendell Wallach
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"Does humanity really want computers making morally important decisions ? Many philosophers of technology have warned about humans abdicating responsibility to machines. Movies and magazines are filled with futuristic fantasies regarding the dangers of advanced forms of artificial intelligence. Emerging technologies are always easier to modify before they become entrenched. However, it is not often possible to predict accurately the impact of a new technology on society until well after it has been widely adopted. Some critics think, therefore, that we should err on the side of caution, and relinquish the development of potentially dangerous technologies. We believe, however, that market and political forces will prevail and will demand the benefits that these technologies can provide. Thus, it is incumbent upon anyone with a stake in this technology to address head-on the task of implementing moral decision making in computers, robots, and virtual "bots" within computer networks." - From the Introduction to Moral Machines

Soon, service robots will be taking care of the elderly in their homes, and military robots will have their own targeting and firing ... Wendell Wallach and Colin Allen: moral machines: teaching robots right from wrong. Oxford University Press, 2009, 273 pp, ISBN: 978--19-537404-9 .

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