Electronic Test Instruments. 2nd edition

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Robert-A Witte
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Electronic Test Instruments: Analog and Digital Measurements, Second Edition offers a thorough, unified, up-to-date survey of the entire field of electronic instrumentation: instruments and techniques, digital and analog.Robert A. Witte first introduces basic measurement theory, then covers each type of commonly used electronic test equipment. Using detailed examples, Witte illustrates how these systems are applied in the real world, introducing core functionality and showing how to choose the right instrument for each task. This new second edition has been updated throughout, reflecting the latest technologies and presenting extensive new coverage of digital oscilloscopes and power supplies.* Introduces essential measurement theory and explains its relationship to practical measurements* Covers all mainstream test instruments, including meters, signal sources, oscilloscopes, frequency counters, power supplies, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, logic probes, and logic analyzers* Presents circuit models and conceptual block diagrams that clarify the behavior of complex circuits and instruments* Explains key commonalities and differences between digital and analog instrumentation from the user's standpoint* Introduces advanced circuit concepts and techniques that help users achieve higher quality measurements* Illuminates important concepts such as loading effect, grounding, and bandwidth

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