Java.rmi. The Remote Method Invocation Guide

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Kathleen McNiff
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This book provides an in-depth resource to all features of RMI, building a firm, logical foundation for understanding and applying the RMI technology. It contains detailed information about how to apply RMI to get professional developers and students alike "up and running", while clarifying and extending the official information found in the specification. The authors address many of the real-world issues and unexpected features that you will encounter whilst working with the technology. All you need to know about: understanding RMI in the context of Java and objectoriented programming; using RMI to create applications in networked environments ranging from LANs to the Internet; mastering serialization, remote interfaces, clients, the RMI registry, servers, error handling, security, and mobile code; applying advanced concepts, e.g. activation, socket factories, Internet firewalls, distributed garbage collection, and design patterns; working with alternatives or extensions to the standard RMI implementation e.g. JNDI naming services and CORBA IIOP.

It has an interface, the implementation class, the server and then the client. Make sure that you run the server first and then run the client. Read java(TM).rmi: The Remote Method Invocation Guide Ebook Free.

Packages. Exports ; Package Description; java.rmi: Provides the RMI package.