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Learning Cocoa eases you into the experience of Cocoa development, one of the principal application development environments for Mac OS X, not merely by reading, but by doing. It begins with some simple tutorials to familiarize you with the basic elements of Cocoa programming, covering Interface Builder, Apple's graphical editor for designing user interfaces, and Project Builder, Apple's Integrated Development Environment.The book then takes you through the creation of a series of increasingly complex example applications using Objective-C. The techniques and concepts learned in one tutorial lay the foundation for the more advanced techniques and concepts in the next tutorial.The heart of the book covers such topics as:• Essential Cocoa paradigms• Event handling• Data functionality• Cocoa's multiple-document architecture• Cocoa and Core Graphics (Quartz) APIs.Extensive programming experience is not required to complete the examples in this book, though some experience with the C programming language is helpful. If you are familiar with an object-oriented programming language such as Java or Smalltalk, you can quickly get up to speed in Objective-C with the Objective-C Primer chapter found in this book.Written by insiders at Apple Computer with access to engineers deeply involved in creating Mac OS X, this book offers you information that you can get nowhere else.

I've been trying to get into Cocoa programming for OSX for a few years, and while I've written a few screen savers I've found Cocoa... Creative Learning Cocoa, Cocoa, Florida. 303 likes · 21 were here.

It tends to be... Learning Cocoa with Objective-C is the "must-have" book for people who want to develop applications for Mac OS X, and is the only book approved and reviewed by Apple engineers. Learning Cocoa was the first tutorial book on Apple's Cocoa frameworks to become available (May, 2001). The book is not very well-written or comprehensive, but it's mostly accurate and serves as a... Learn more about this primary language for OS X and iOS on EE today.