Fluid Mechanics. With CD-ROM, 4th Edition

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John-A Swaffield
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The previous three editions have established Fluid Mechanics as the key textbook in its field. This fourth edition continues to offer the reader an excellent and comprehensive treatment of the essentials of what is a truly cross-disciplinary subject, while also providing in-depth treatment of selected areas. This book is suitable for all students of civil, mechanical, chemical, environmental and building services engineering.The fourth edition retains the underlying philosophy of the previous editions guiding the reader from the general to the particular, from fundamentals to specialist applications - for a range of flow conditions from bounded to free surface and steady to time dependent. The basic 'building block' equations are identified and their development and application to problems of considerable engineering concern are demonstrated and discussed.The fourth edition of Fluid Mechanics includes:• end of chapter summaries outlining all essential concepts,• an entirely new chapter on the simulation of unsteady flow conditions, from free surface to air distribution networks,• enhanced treatment of dimensional analysis and similarity and an introduction to the fundamentals of CFD,• worked examples backed up by self assessment questions and a comprehensive downloadable Solutions Manual,• a completely new series of computer simulations on CD-ROM, covering the entre range of the text, thereby supporting student centered learning.Fluid Mechanics is ideal for use throughout a first degree course in all disciplines where a good understanding of the subject is required. It is also suitable for conversion MSc courses requiring a fundamental treatment of fluid mechanics and will bc a valuable resource for specialist Continuing Professional Development courses, including those offered by Distance Learning.

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Many of the segments show how fluid motion is related to familiar devices and everyday experiences. Each segment also clearly indicates the key fluid mechanics topic being demonstrated and ... Fluid Mechanics, Fundamentals and Applications; Yunus A.