Waves and the earth

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Patrice Canal
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This book is aimed at anyone seeking to understand the technologies involved in the exploration and study of the Earth using electromagnetic or sound waves. It sets out to give simple and clear expia-nations of the progress made using concepts that appear simple at first sight, but which are used in highly sophisticated ways. The book also examines the various techniques employed in exploring both the infinitely big and the infinitely small. It will help give ail of us an insight into a subject that has long been a source of fascination for mankind as a whole.

The crust and upper mantle are cracked into large pieces called tectonic plates. I chose The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth as a starting point. I barely managed to get through to chapter five.

Seismic waves travel from the focus outwards in all directions. Seismic waves reveal the structure of earth through their reflection and refraction. How do P Waves and S Waves give Information about the Structure of the Earth? The transverse S waves cannot travel through the liquid outer core. They can travel through the mantle because the mantle behaves more like a solid than a liquid.