Just a little book about visual poetry

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Sylvie Estrada
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The images contained in this book are not images at all. They are ideas, they are metaphors, they are worlds contained in a single frame. The stories within these pages are told with a new vocabulary, a visual means of story-telling. This group of artists has managed to effortlessly imbue metaphor and double meaning into these seemingly innocent scenes ; look closely and lose yourself in the world of visual poetry.

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This group of artists Just a Little Book About Visual Poetry by Index Book $49.00 buy online or call us (+61) 3 9690 2227 from Albert Park, 127 Dundas Place, Albert Park, Victoria, Australia Librairie Eyrolles, livres informatique et nouvelles technologies (langages de programmation, réseaux, graphisme et multimédia) vente de livres bureautique, librairies en ligne spécialisées VISUAL POETRY: JUST A LITTLE BOOK ABOUT. Editorial.