Oracle Performance Tuning. 2nd edition

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Peter Corrigan
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Performance tuning is crucial in any modem relational database management system. Too many organizations respond to Oracle performance problems by throwing money at these problems-by buying larger and more expensive computers or by hiring expert consultants. But there's a lot you can do on your own to increase dramatically the performance of your existing system. Whatever version of Oracle you're running-from Version 6 to Oracle8, proper tuning can save your organization a huge amount of money in additional equipment, extra memory, and hardware upgrades. The first edition of Oracle Performance Tuning has become a classic for programmers, managers, database administrators, system administrators, and anyone who cares about improving the performance of an Oracle system. This second edition is a complete rewrite ; it updates all the original information, incorporating new advice about disk striping and mirroring, RAID, client-server, distributed databases, MPPs, SMPs, and other architectures. It also includes new chapters on parallel server, parallel query, backup and recovery, the Oracle Performance Pack, and more.

When you monitor a Oracle Standard Edition, you did not have a Tuning or Diagnostic Pack. This Feature must be disabled because they are not allowed in this database edition.

ORACLE DSI405 Instance Tuning oracle内部调优资料,需要一定的oracle基础! DSI405: Instance Tuning is structured to give a greater understanding of Oracle internal structures that affect database performance: • Lesson 1: Performance Tuning Methodology: A Review • Lesson 2: Enqueue Structures • Lesson 3: Understandin I read the 1st edition more than once, and I am reading the 2nd edition for the second time. If you already have the first edition, it is worth to purchase the second edition that has been updated and feeded with additional elements.