Developing Applications with Exchange 2000. A Programmer's Reference

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Microsoft Exchange Server addresses the most vital needs of today's corporate software solutions : collaboration, knowledge management, and Web accessibility. The newest version, Exchange 2000, now supports a wide range of APIs to fit the diverse requirements ; of enterprise developers, including WebDAV, ADO 2.5, ExOLEDB, CDO, and, of course, MAPI. As a result, it is far more flexible, but more complex, than earlier versions. A convenient and comprehensive tutorial and reference, Developing Applications with Exchange 2000 steers you through the many new development options. It provides a programmer-based overview of Exchange 2000, shows you how to build various kinds of applications using these APIs, reveals pitfalls to avoid, and offers experience-based tips for success. In particular, this book focuses on Exchange 2000's newly designed Web Storage System and the many ways it can now be utilized. In addition, Developing Applications with Exchange 2000 includes a convenient summary comparing and contrasting the APIs and object models, including development scenarios highlighting recommended usage. Two applications, along with smaller code examples, demonstrate Exchange 2000 in typical daily operations throughout. With this book as a guide, you will be better able to decide which development approach to Exchange 2000 best serves your needs.

Building database applications on the web using PHP3: complete with step-by-step ... Les améliorations apportées à la version Exchange 2000 n'auront plus de secrets pour le lecteur qui va également pouvoir planifier de A jusqu'à Z le déploiement du produit. Le guide de ressources décrit en détail l'architecture d'Exchange, étudie le développement d'applications, propose des solutions pour la sauvegarde, la restauration, la sécurité et le dépannage.

Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the top Home ; Questions ; Tags ; Users ; Unanswered ; Explore our Questions Ask ... The Exchange 2000 Server SDK Documentation and Samples assist developers building applications for Exchange 2000 Server. This release of the SDK provides new and updated information and sample code to help you develop collaborative enterprise applications with Exchange.