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Peter Wainwright
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The power and flexibility of Apache have made it the most popular web server on the Internet. Now, after three years of development, the Apache Software Foundation has released Apache 2.0. With the introduction of OS-specific MultiProcessing Modules (MPMs) and the Apache Portable Runtime, Apache 2.0 runs on more platforms with greater ease. Apache 2.0 brings a significant revision of the Apache build system, a more powerful architecture, and numerous improvements and additions to modules and directives. This book provides a comprehensive guide to all that is new in Apache 2.0, together with the most recent enhancements to Apache 1.3. Who is this book for? This book is for the professional who wants to either set up an Apache web server for the first time or upgrade an existing server to Apache 2.0. Professional Apache 2.0 covers the information needed to build, configure, and extend Apache to suit your requirements - Apache the way you want it. With the help of extensive examples, web server administrators and developers will be able to apply Apache 2.0 to real-world problems. What does this book cover? The Apache 2.0 web server, including upgrades and updates from Apache 1.3; New features in Apache 1.3, and migration of Apache 1.3 servers to Apache 2.0; Installing Apache from a binary distribution or building from source for UNIX and Windows; Delivering dynamic content efficiently and securely with CGI and FastCGI; Virtual hosting with Apache - simple, complex, and en masse; Proxying, caching, fault tolerance, clustering, and benchmarking of Apache servers; Monitoring and securing Apache servers; Extending Apache with third-party modules for Perl, Python, PHP, Tcl, Java, Ruby, and WebDAV.

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