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We've been tracking the progress of ASP since the very beginning, when it promised to be the best way to relieve CGI pain. Our "Professional Active Server Pages..." books have become the industry bible on the subject and helped build thousands of Web developer's careers. This book will explain all the traditional usages of classic ASP in the real, practical world of site building but it also provide, a briefingon all the new tools, services and challenges of the Windows 2000 environment.You will understand how ASP 3.0 embraces COM+, how to componentize your thoughts, how to operate safe transactions and how the message queue can help you remain dynamic. You will get the traditional expert briefings in the new ADO 2.5 facilities and all flavors of data connectivity and you'll also learn how to utilize the new network pathways revealed in Active Directory and ADSI.As usual, we've packed this latest edition with all the regular code and guidelines you need to get a site operative but we've also opened the doors to a whole new world of scalable and flexible COM+ services. This is your comprehensive guide to Active Server Pages 3.0 and the foundation for a wholenew phase of Web development.Who is this book for?You should bc familiar with present day Web terminology and fundamentals and have a working knowledge of VBScript or JScript. You will need Windows 2000 with a fully installed Internet Information Server 5.0.What does this book cover?• The changes in ASP 3.0, VBScript 5.0 and Jscript 5.0• Fundamentals of application development with ASP• Data access from ASP, using ADO 2.5, OLE DB, XML, and RDS• Developing ASP components using VB, VC++ and scripting languages• The new component services provided by COM+• Adding Messaging and Transactional support to your pages and components• Using ADSI to access the Active Directory• Adding Email support through CDO• Improving the performance of your pages and Web server• Securing your server and applications locally and globally• Building Web farms• Online support available at

Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. ACTIVE SERVER PAGES 3.0 8 Before the server sends the Active Server Page to the browser, it runs all server-side scripts contained in the page. Some of these scripts display the current date, time, and other information.

Ainsi une ... To use Active Server Pages you must be running a Microsoft webserver; Microsoft makes a number of Web servers that are freely available. If you have Windows NT 4.0 Server installed, you can download IIS 3.0 or IIS 4.0, both of which support ASP development.