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David-L Hart
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Mac OS X combines Mac simplicity with rock-solid UN IX foundations-making it an outstanding platform for hosting high-traffic Web sites, delivering volumes of e-mail, and providing virtually any Internet service. Best of all, since it's a Mac, you don't need years of training-just the Mac OS X Web Server Handbook and the up-to-the-minute updates at the book's Web site: Hart, MacCentral Online's long-time Web server columnist, covers everything from basic Web server setup through database integration, XHTML, and XML - even e-commerce. You'll discover today's best Mac OS X-based solutions and techniques for:• Providing e-mail, FTP, search, and mailing list services• Deploying community forums, chat, Web cams, and other popular site features• Providing custom interactivity with Perl, PHP, and other scripting languages• Implementing effective Web security• Delivering live and streaming media• Managing your server and your site• Establishing an e-commerce storefront, and much moreWhen it comes to serving up Web and Internet services, why hassle with other operating systems? Mac OS X can do it all-and with the Mac OS X Web Server Handbook so can you!

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