The Zen of Direct3D Game Programming. With CD-ROM

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Peter Walsh
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Whether you're a professional programmer looking to get up to speed on DirectX 8.0 or a hobbyist new to game programming, this book will be your ultimate guide to programming amazing 3D computer graphics with Microsoft Direct3D 8.0 ! The Zen of Direct3D Game Programming is a solid introduction to interactive entertainment engineering, Windows programming, and advanced graphical techniques. Inside you'll find deep coverage of 2D graphics, including using double buffering, page flipping, programming a bitmap font engine, and creating a Quake-style programmable console. Read on to learn sophisticated 3D graphics programming techniques such as bilinear filtering, texturing, materials, lights, and how to develop an object-orientated frame based object hierarchy in order to simulate amazingly realistic animation effects. Begin your journey into the world of Direct3D-and great games-here, now !

The Zen Of Direct3d Game Programming. Author : Peter Walsh ISBN : 0761534296 Genre : Computers File Size : 67.9 MB Format : PDF Download : 922 Read : 505 .

This book, if pursued studiously, absolutely will give you a very solid foundation in Direct3D and how to use it effectively. The books only presumptions are that you are able to ... Download The Zen Of Direct3d Game Programming ebook PDF or Read Online books in PDF, EPUB, and Mobi Format.