Programming Role Playing Games with DirectX. CD-ROM included

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Jim Adams
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How many times have you spent countless hours completely absorbed in conquering tire latest role-playing game? Want to experience tire thrill of creating your own captivating rote-playing game? This book is your guide to doing just that. Covering everything that you need to create a role-playing game-working with graphics and combat engines, handling players, and making your game multiplayer-capable - this book provides a detailed look at tire essential components of role-playing games. It begins with helpful information on storyline development and design issues specific to role-playing games and then progresses to programming basics and RPG-specific gaming code. Finally, wrap up your project with valuable tips for promoting, marketing, and publishing your game.

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Windows Game Programming Fundamentals. Before learning how to program DirectX games, basic knowledge about Win32 programming must be acquired. I was interested in learning how to program RPG's in windows and was wondering if anyone had read Programming Role-Playing Games with DirectX (With CD-ROM) by Jim Adams and had any opinions on it.