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Susan Visser
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DB2 is a powerful relational database product that is scalable from small personal computers to very large massively clustered sets of computers. While DB2 is best known as a product for large businesses, this book shows you how small business owners can use the power of DB2 to enhance their businesses as well! Along the way we'll cover the topics you'll need to consider in becoming a certified DB2 administrator or developer. In just 21 days, you can acquire all the knowledge and skills necessary to become proficient in administering DB2 databases and developing applications and tasks to automate regular jobs. No previous database experience required. By following the 21 carefully organized lessons in this book, anyone can learn the basics of DB2. Learn at your own pave. You can carefully work through each of the chapters in sequence to make sure you thoroughly understand all the concepts and methodologies, or you can focus on specific lessons to learn just the techniques or topics that are new to you. Test your knowledge. Each chapter ends with a Workshop section filled with questions, answers, and exercises for further study.

Offrant un large éventail de fonctionnalités très performantes (avec notamment le meilleur optimiseur SQL du marché, un ... IBM DB2 Universal Database Certification gives you a powerful advantage in the marketplace for expertise on the world's #1 enterprise database platform. Passing IBM DB2 Universal Database V8.1 Family Fundamentals Exam 700 earns you the IBM Certified Database Associate certification and is the prerequisite for all intermediate and follow-on certifications.

Il traite à fond la quasi totalité des domaines. Bien orienté DBA, traîtant à fond des domaines aussi vastes que les migrations de ... The string DB2 v8.1.1.64 for AIX and DB2 v8.1.1.64 for all the other UNIX (R) platforms indicates that the system is at DB2 Universal Database version 8.2 (or version 8.1 with DB2 fix pack 7.) The last two information tokens vary by operating system type and the specific fix packs that are installed. Achat Db2 Universal Database - Pour Windows, Linux Et Unix, Avec 2 Cd-Rom à prix bas sur Rakuten.