Flash Enabled. Flash design & development for devices

Flash Enabled. Flash design & development for devices PDF, TXT, FB2. ePUB. MOBI. Le livre a été écrit en 2021. Cherchez un livre sur showmesound.org.


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The gurus of Macromedia Flash development give you the only guide you'll need for successful Macromedia Flash Player and Flash MX design and development for multiple devices. Phillip Torrone, described by Wired magazine as the most wired person in America (and creator of the famed www.flashenabled.com), along with Branden Hall of Fig Leaf Software, Glenn Thomas and Andreas Heim of Smashing Ideas, and Mike Chambers of Macromedia, Inc., and a small cadre of other elite developers, share their secrets to enable you to create rich content deployable to a host of devices.Learn how to design and create content for : - Microsoft Windows-powered Pocket PC and Pocket PC Phone Edition, - WinCE devices, -game consoles such as Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation 2, - cell phones and Smartphones, - touch-screens, kiosks, and ATMs, -TV and HDTV, - set-top boxes, - web tablets, - PDAs and more !

3D Touch Native Extension. Using Fingerprint native ... The Platform Flash PROM User Guide describes advanced features of the Platform Flash PROM family of devices.

Developing cross-platform Adobe AIR applications Renesas Flash Development Toolkit is the dedicated flash programming software for Renesas flash microcomputers, which offers sophisticated and easy-to-use Graphical User Interface. Moreover, when it is used with High-performance Embedded Workshop, it allows the users who involved in development of the embedded application software adopting Renesas flash microcomputers to advance the ... Adobe Flash is a deprecated ...