Skip Intro. Flash Usability and Interface Design, with CD-ROM

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Michelangelo Capraro
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SKIP INTRO is designed to help educate the Flash community specifically and designers/programmers at large that usability isn't a dirty word. It doesn't mean making boring, pedestrian web sites, and it doesn't mean abandoning Flash. Quite the contrary, Flash offers advanced usability elements that traditional HTML web sites could never hope to achieve. This book will show designers how to start thinking about their users and, more importantly, how to translate that understanding when they start designing or coding.SKIP INTRO moues beyond traditional usability books by shying away from listing examples of "why this is wrong" or "why this is right." Instead, it guides designers through understanding the site requirements and their intended users and then starts them down the road of developing for those users, by taking them step-by-step through design scenarios, rather than providing strict rules of usability.

1 library branch. Get this from a library! Skip Intro : Flash usability and interface design. [Duncan McAlester; Michelangelo Capraro] Skip Intro Flash Usability and Interface Design This book was a refreshing surprise.

The advice given in this book will aid the designer/developer in making usable Flash movies without being boring. It points out very strongly how you need to think about the users and ... DallaVilla Design (1) Danika Aria (1) Heim Andreas (1) Hoekman Robert Jr.