Lotus Domino R5 Clustering

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Zeljka Zoranovic
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For many businesses, downtime due to server or software failure can have a significant: impact on business results. One way to minimize downtime is by implementing clustered systems. Clusters are groups of servers treated as a single computing resource that provides services to network users. When a clustered server fails, its workload is passed to other members of the cluster until corrective action can be taken and the failed server is brought back into service again. Domino's clustering technology is independent of the servers'underlying operating systems. This means that a single cluster can comprise servers running a variety of the operating systems supported by Domino, from System/390, to AIX, to Windows 2000 and Linux. The examples in the book are based in IBM Netfinity servers. These machines, and the recently announced xSeries servers, are Intel-based, industry-standard systems that offer a number of innovative features to provide a stable and reliable platform for business-critical computing. Microsoft Windows 2000 and Linux are the operating systems chosen for the examples. This choice reflects the growing interest in these operating systems in the corporate marketplace.

Ask Question. We have clustered environment for domino server on production.

I have not changed signature for any of the old functions in the script library, but... - Deploy multiple clusters in a Domino domain. - Include partitioned servers within clusters.