Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Studio techniques. Includes CD-ROM

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Ben Willmore
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The definitive guide to mastering Photoshop's essential features. Ready to learn not just the "how," but also the "why" behind Photoshop's most powerful features? Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Studio Techniques goes beyond conventional step-by-step instruction to deliver an under-the-hood understanding of the world's leading image-editing application. This award-winning, best-selling guide leads you through essential new features and useful techniques in a fun, easy-to-read format.• Working foundations: tools, palettes, layers, masks, and demystifying Photoshop terminology.• Real-world production techniques: sharpening scans, correcting and optimizing images, using color curves and channels.• Creative exploration: blending and enhancing images, making effective collages, colorizing techniques, advanced type effects, and working with filters and layer masks.• Web techniques: slicing, rollovers, animation, and optimizing images for the Web.• Companion Web site ( tutorials, advanced techniques, example images, and updates.• Companion CD: practice images to use while working through the tutorials, and more.Updated and enhanced: Fully updated to cover the new features of Photoshop 7, this book includes an entirely new chapter on color management, one of the most challenging issues facing Photoshop users. The author's breakthrough explanation of how to set up a color-managed workflow makes this required reading for anyone who is intimidated by what used to be the formidable task of achieving consistent color between scanner, monitor, and printer.

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