Wind Power in View. Energy Landscapes in a Crowded World

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Paul Gipe
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In this time of growing population and diminishing open space, Wind Power in View examines the visual impacts of wind turbines on the landscape and what can be done about them. It is a detailed and richly illustrated discussion of wind energy aesthetics from the perspectives of architects, geographers, historians, engineers; and landscape designers. Reflecting international interest in wind power, these specialists have been assembled from the United States where the modern era of large-scale wind development took root and from Europe where it is now sprouting with unusual speed.At a time of growing concern about the relationships between energy supply and environmental well-being, wind energy is the world's fastest growing renewable source of electricity while also being relatively benign, consuming no fuel and creating no air or water pollution.Although the potential for wind energy is enormous, turbines do unavoidably affect the landscape, and some people do not like them. There have been many battles over these "green giants," and the future of wind power has become a hot topic of debate, even within the environmental community. Taking examples from the United States, Germany, Denmark, Great Britain, and Sweden, Wind Power in View is the first book to tackle the thorny land use questions raised by wind energy's hard-won respectability: What will be the future of wind energy? Will it be welcomed a savior, or will it be opposed as a new age intrusion on open space and landscape preservation? These 11 essays, international in nature, address landscape issues in creative, original ways. Wind Power in View presents an overview of wind energy development at the dawn of the new millennium.• Global development of wind power hinges on the ideas presented• Addresses the issues of "benign but intrusive" energy development• Brings attention to significant limitations on wind energy development• Assembles the most complete discussion of the battle of wind power aesthetics• Discusses in a timely fashion one element of the global warming debate• Profusely illustrated and well documented

The growth of wind energy in Germany has far outpaced that in any other country, with 1700MW added in 2000 alone, bringing the total generating capacity to nearly 6000 MW. The density of wind turbines on the landscape of Germany's most northern state is almost twice that in nearby Denmark.

The book also provides an overview of the status of wind energy at the dawn of the new ... Wind Power in View, a new book by Academic Press, tackles the thorny land-use questions raised by the booming wind turbine industry in Europe and North America. Wind Power in View: Energy Landscapes in a Crowded World is an authoritative international collaboration examining the aesthetics of wind energy and the place of wind turbines on the landscape. Martin J.