Materials Science of Thin Films. Deposition and Structure, Second Edition

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Milton Ohring
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This new edition of the author's well-received Tee Materials Science of Thin Films is thoroughly revised, and fully up-to-date. Written in a fluent tutorial manner, this book* Contains extensive tables, figures, and recent references related to thin film science and technology* Treats both physical and chemical vapor deposition of thin films* Emphasizes the growing importance of plasma and ion beam processing* Traces thin film formation from nucleation to the final grain structure and morphology* Discusses aspects of epitaxy and their implications for compound semiconductor films and optoelectronic devices* Describes the rotes of solid-state mass transport and stress in thin-film phenomena* Presents recent advances in measurement of film thickness and characterization of surface structure and composition* Has a complete set of exercises to aid student learningAs a result, readers will better understand the primary research and technical literature in the field and more intelligently select and optimize film deposition and treatment processes.

From this perspective and the well-written tutorial style of the book, the reader will gain a deeper physical ... Materials Science of Thin Films: Deposition and Structure, Third Edition, carries on the tradition of this intriguing series, offering the most comprehensive coverage of materials science and technology related to thin films and coatings of any book in the field. The authors' engaging style brings new coverage to a variety of important topics within the field, including the latest, and most ... Materials science of thin films : deposition and structure.

This is the first book that can be considered a textbook on thin film science, complete with exercises at the end of each chapter. Ohring has contributed many highly regarded reference books to the AP list, including Reliability and Failure of Electronic Materials and the Engineering Science of Thin Films.