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David Walton
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This series of short texts provides accessible accounts of a range of essential topics in chemistry and chemical engineering. Written with the needs of the student in mind, the "Oxford Chemistry Primers" offer just the right level of detail for undergraduate study, and will be invaluable as a source of material commonly presented in lecture courses yet-not adequately covered in existing texts. All the basic principles and facts in a particular area are presented in a clear and straightforward style, to produce concise yet comprehensive accounts of topics covered in both core and specialist courses. Polymers are the archetypal modern materials, used in almost every aspect of everyday life. This Primer gives a thorough introduction to Polymer Chemistry, ranging from a historical perspective, through the development of high-tonnage materials early in the twentieth century, to modern high-performance materials that have a number of useful additional properties. The main polymer types are discussed in detail, with emphasis upon practical, commercial considerations and description of real industrial processes. The behaviour of polymer networks is explained, and finally the modern importance of functional polymers is discussed, in which a property in addition to great molecular size is exploited, for example electrical conductivity.

Notre Service Technique, basé à Lyon, est épaulé par les équipes Italiennes de Recherche & Développement qui participent à la mise au point des formulations et à la réalisation des études techniques. Nous accordons une importance ... Polymers, whether natural or artificial, are big molecules made by linking up smaller repeating chemical units.

Product Stewardship certificates of our polymers Find out more. Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals (REACH) REACH legislation (EC 1907/2006) and SVHC statements Find out more .