Vibration. Fundamentals and Practice

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Clarence-W De Silva
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Vibration design, testing, and control are crucial to maintaining high performance levels and production efficiency and to prolonging the useful life of machinery, structures, and industrial processes. Before designing or controlling a system for good vibratory performance, the designer or engineer must understand, model, and analyze the vibratory characteristics of the system.Vibration: Fundamentals and Practice provides the background and techniques that promote successful analysis, design, modification, testing, and control of vibration in engineering systems. It describes and illustrates the industry-standard and state-of-the-art procedures and hardware, offering a useful, modem treatment of experimental techniques, instrumentation-, and applications.In recent years, researchers and practitioners have devoted considerable effort towards studying and controlling vibration in a range of uses. Regardless of the application or discipline, with Vibration: Fundamentals and Practice, designers and engineers can reap the benefits of that study and experience, and learn the techniques that produce systems, structures, machinery, and processes optimized against the effects of vibration.

The basic concepts of degrees of freedom and of discrete and continuous systems are introduced, along with a description of the elementary parts of vibrating ... Vibration: Fundamentals and Practice, Second Edition - Kindle edition by de Silva, Clarence W.. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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