Well Logging Handbook

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Oberto Serra
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Following the success of the Drilling Data Handbook, Editions Technip has designed this book to cover the well logging principles and its applications. This well logging handbook first edition starts with a summary on geology and petrophysics focusing mainly on its applications. The wide range of logging measurements and applications is covered through eleven sections, each of them organised into four chapters : the basic physical principles of each measurement ; the different WL and LWD tools ; the main factors influencing the measurements ; the main geophysical, geological and petrophysical applications of the measurements. A large proportion of figures and tables is there to facilitate the understanding of more complex subjects. An exhaustive bibliography is also available at the end of this book for those readers willing to deepen their knowledge on any particular topic. Finally, a simple and easy access to the information is made possible thanks to a detailed subject index. All in all, this is a valuable, strongly-bound, user-friendly book with useful information for those involved in all aspects and applications of well-Jogging. The paging is notched and externally labelled alphabetically to allow a quick access.

Well Logging Handbook Serra, Oberto. Following the success of the Drilling Data Handbook, the publisher has designed this book to cover well logging principles and its applications.

The various openhole services offered by Schlumberger are discussed in some detail, together with essential methods of interpretation and basic applications. The discussion is kept as brief and clear as ... Well Logging Handbook [Serra, Oberto, 2008] Click the start the download.