Physical Methods of Soil Characterization

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Jitendra Behari
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The study of soil science has always been of interest to the concerned scientists from a variety of view points. The major topics covered in four modules are: Instrumentation and techniques providing use of dielectric probes, inductive electromagnetic meter, multi-angle Radarsat SAR data, total information content index based on optical remote sensing and isotopes and radiation techniques in soil moisture studies. Characterization of physico-chemical properties of soils gives information of charge characteristics of arid soils, electrochemical properties, soil water relations, properties of black clay soils, diagnosis and remedial measures of sait affected lands and intensive agriculture induced changes in soil properties. Computer programme package for crop simulation of soil hydraulic processes and use of simulation models for crop growth, root zone soil moisture and evapotranspiration. Information on tillage guide based on soil properties, soil characteristics under long-term fertilizer and cropping schedule, sewage sludge application effects on soil properties, enhancing water use efficiency and canopy environmental temperature crop growth relations. Providing information on frontiers of basic and applied sciences on the use of the emerging technologies of remote sensing, GIS and modeling of soil physical parameters, with special emphasis on soil moisture estimation, this book will be useful to physicists, hydrologists, agriculturists, chemists and other researchers working in the field of soil science.

Students will be able to relate the physical and chemical properties of soil at a site to the climate, landscape position, parent material, and land cover of an area. Science Concepts Earth and Space Sciences Soils have properties of color, texture, structure, consistence, density, pH, fertility ... Then there different methods of soil sampling and characterization.

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