Advanced Mechanical Models of DNA Elasticity

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Yakov M. Tseytlin
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The persistence length varies by almost thirty ... 2.074: Solid Mechanics: Elasticity, 2.073: Solid Mechanics: Plasticity and Inelastic Deformation, 2.075: Advanced Mechanical Behavior of Materials, 2.080: Structural Mechanics, 2.094: Finite Element Analysis of Solids and Fluids, 2.095: Molecular Modeling and Simulation for Mechanics, and 2.099: Computational Mechanics of Materials. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to regularly teach ... DNA elasticity.

This theory requires two intrinsic material parameters—the contour length L and the persistence length p.We measured and then analyzed the elasticity of double-stranded DNA as a function of L (632 nm-7.03 μm) using the classic solution to the WLC model. Solid Mechanics Part I Kelly145 6.1 The Linear Elastic Model 6.1.1 The Linear Elastic Model Repeating some of what was said in Section 5.3: the Linear Elastic model is used to describe materials which respond as follows: The micromechanics of DNA John F Marko and Simona Cocco 1 Single-molecule DNA experiment chemical label receptor glass slide single-stranded synthetic DNA chemical label 16.3 µm λ-DNA molecule 3 µm bead A large single molecule of double-stranded DNA can be manipulated by attaching short, single-stranded DNA molecules to each of its ends. Chemical labels on the ends of these single ... Advanced Search > Home ...