PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGY.- New Products and Applications

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Vidaldi Yusibov
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This volume reviews the latest research on using genetically engineered plants and plant viruses to produce new products for medicine and industry. Individual chapters cover the three main technologies for engineering plants : Agrobacterium-mediated transformation ; particle bombardment transformation ; and plant viral vectors. Additional chapters review strategies for producing medically important products such as vaccines, human enzymes, monoclonal antibodies, and other therapeutic proteins in plants. In addition to presenting up to date reviews of current research efforts, this book also contains some thoughtful discussions on the potential benefits and risks involved in producing pharmaceuticals in plants and the challenges of bringing such products to market.

From gene-splicing to genetically modified organisms to gene therapy, applications of biotechnology now extend beyond medicine into ... Building on the success of its predecessor, Plant Biotechnology and Genetics, 2nd Edition explores contemporary techniques and applications of plant biotechnology to illustrate the tremendous potential for improving the food supply and changing our world. As an introductory text, its focus is on basic science and processes - guiding students from plant biology and genetics to breeding to ... ADVERTISEMENTS: Plant Biotechnology: Meaning, Principle and Application of Plant Biotechnology! Meaning: There have always been efforts to improve upon the plant characteristics by controlled sexual breeding within the same species.

The benefits to this are savings in time and costs associated with conventional tillage to reduce weeds or multiple applications of different types of herbicides to eliminate specific species of weeds ... Plant Biotechnology. Plant biotechnology is a field that entails applying technology on life (plants).