Insect Transgenesis. Methods and Applications

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Imagine scientists controlling the transmission of certain diseases through the genetic modification of mosquitoes, eradicating harmful insects without the use of pesticides, or increasing the fertility of insects that eat harmful arthropods or plant pathogens. These are Just a few of the real-world applications of insect transgenesis that offer substantial benefits to humankind - whether for improving agricultural productivity or reducing the spread of insect-vectored diseases.Insect Transgenesis: Methods and Applications is the first publication to describe in a comprehensive manner the various methodologies available, possible applications, and the risk assessment and regulatory issues involved in this fascinating area of research.FEATURES• Addresses recent successes in insect transgenesis so other researchers may utilize this information in their work with insects• Presents current methodologies for insect transgenesis with a focus on the practical and theoretical aspects of gene transfer methods• Considers the regulatory concerns and requirements for the release of transgenic insects• Offers detailed color photos of insect markers including pigmented eves and green fluorescent protein expression in selected insects• Provides dozens of useful tables and illustrations

Methods and Applications. Insect Transgenesis.

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